Designation of Courses

There shall be courses numbers 601 u2013 upwards each of which shall be prefixed by a three-letter subject code, or such other system of numbering as may be approved by the Board of Postgraduate School.

Course Units

  • All candidates shall be required to register for and take an approved combination of courses at the PGD (600 level), Masters (700 level) and, if necessary, at the Ph.D (800 level). Courses shall be evaluated in terms of course units with a maximum of four units for any one course, except for the Masteru2019s Project, which shall carry six (6) units.
  • A course unit is currently defined as one Lecture/Tutorial contact hour per week, two hours of seminar or three hours of laboratory/practical class per week through a semester of 15 weeks, or an equivalent amount of other assigned study or practical experience, or any combination of these.
  • Where courses of instruction are evaluated in terms of contact hours, such contact hours shall be converted to units in studentsu2019 and other permanent records.
  • Appropriate pre-requisite and/or concurrent requirements may be prescribed for courses. 700 level courses shall be moderated by External Examiners.
  • 800 level courses shall not be moderated by External Examiners but shall form part of the assessment for conversion in the case of M.Phil/Ph.D candidates.

Registration for Courses outside the Department

A candidate registered for the degree of a Department shall not take more than 40% of the total number of units required for that degree outside the Department.

Remedial Courses

Candidates may be required by their departments to take remedial or other such relevant courses which may be at the undergraduate level. Grades earned in such courses shall not be used in calculating a student’s final grade, but shall be recorded in the candidate’s transcript and permanent record.

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