General considerations

The Higher Degree Programme of the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti shall normally be based on course-work and on research.

Courses shall be evaluated in terms of course units. A one (1) unit course is defined as one lecture or tutorial contact hour or three hours of laboratory/practical work per week, or a combination of these for a 15-week semester period. The minimum number of units per course is 1, while the maximum number shall normally be 6.

All students must pass all compulsory and elective courses approved for the programme. The pass mark for all courses shall be 50% (grade “C”). A student may be allowed to repeat courses failed at the next available opportunity but in such cases, scores obtained in every attempt shall be used in the final computation of his/her results which shall be by weighted average.

Course examinations shall be taken at the end of the semester in which the courses are offered. Examination questions and marked scripts for all postgraduate courses shall be subjected to external moderation. No examination shall be taken in a semester different from which the course is conducted or taught.

A candidate is expected to score a minimum of 50% cumulative average at the end of the course work. Candidate with less than 50% cumulative average is adjudged to have failed and therefore do not qualify for award of the degree in view.

Seminar Presentations

Students must have presented a minimum of one (1) seminar paper before he/she proceeds to proposal defense.  Thereafter, the student progresses to the presentation of the second seminar and the third before the final exit defense (external defense) which shall normally be done at the Postgraduate School for Ph.D students and at the Faculty for the Masters’ students.

 A graduate student will not register for a course more than twice. Failure of a course twice amounts to automatic fail /withdrawal from the programme. Any student whose weighted Average falls below 50% in two (2) consecutive semesters shall withdraw from the programme. 

Any candidate whose CWAS is below 60% at the end of the Masters programme shall not be admissible for a Ph.D programme

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